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    May 2023
    Tech Careers Expo
    Ireland's New Tech & IT Careers Event
Tech Careers Expo

Whether you are looking for a job in the Tech & IT sectors in Ireland or you’re an employer recruiting for skilled talent, Tech Careers Expo is online and dedicated to Tech & IT professionals seeking new opportunities and provides you with an opportunity to meet some of the leading tech companies in Ireland and the World.

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Thursday, 15th July 2021


Live Tech Careers Expo! Watch the full day of career talks and webinars on our Virtual Agenda Stage. Click the Play button to watch the day of talks.

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Tech Careers Expo is supported by some of the largest tech companies in Ireland.

  • Mannix Donnelly
    Mannix Donnelly

    I was able to make so many great connections at the Expo. I engaged with almost ten employers on the day and I received two job offers within days of the event. I'm now in a new job and loving the change,

  • Susan Bradshaw
    Suzanne Bradshaw

    Within 30 minutes of attending the Tech Careers Expo, I had linked up with 8 of the companies I really wanted to talk to. To be able to meet them in person and introduce myself helped me secure a new role with one of the top tech companies in Ireland.

  • Tracy Barnes
    Tracy Barnes

    Great variety of exhibitors recruiting for exciting roles! Not to mention the amount of career opportunities listed on the Tech Careers jobs board. Great event for tech-minded folk looking to further their career.

  • Thomas Conlon
    Thomas Conlon

    It's so refreshing to get a human response for a job application rather than an automated response. I found the human interaction with exhibitors at Tech Careers Expo to be a huge boost and gave me perspective on my career goals.

  • Patricia Gordon
    Patricia Gordon

    It's the first one of these kind of fairs I've been to and I have to say I was very impressed. The caliber of companies recruiting was outstanding. The networking opportunities and industry talks alone are essential for anyone in the tech industry in Ireland.

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly

    Brilliant stuff! I'm currently in the role, which I found at Tech Careers Expo. The quality of exhibitors there recruiting was excellent and they're all eager to meet you and discuss their business.


Tech Careers Expo is supported by some of the largest tech companies in Ireland.

Our Exhibitors

Tech Careers Expo is supported by some of the largest tech companies in Ireland.