• 5G Security
November 26, 2021

A number of measures are to be put in place to enhance the security of electronic communications, including 5G networks. The government has endorsed the ‘EU 5G Security Toolbox’ as the framework by which Ireland will secure its next generation electronic communications networks.


5G Security


As part of the initiatives, the Government has announced the publication for consultation of the Electronic Communications Security Measures (ECSMs). These are a detailed set of technical and organisational measures that providers of public electronic communications networks and publicly available electronic communications services will be required to implement. This requirement will secure the electronic communications infrastructure within the State.


The Government also announced that it plans to introduce primary legislation which would allow the Minister of the Environment, Climate and Communications to assess the risk profile of providers of electronic communications network equipment and, if required, to designate certain vendors as being high risk. The legislation will also provide for certain parts of electronic communications networks to be designated as being critical and certain powers which would ensure that high risk vendors would not be used in our critical electronic communications networks.


No decision has been taken on individual vendors. Any assessment will follow clear objective criteria, such as those recommended in the EU 5G Security Toolbox, and follow a defined process set out in the legislation.


The legislation will be drafted in consultation with relevant Departments and Agencies, and a Regulatory Impact Assessment and consultation process will be conducted in early 2022.


The ECSMs will be open for consultation until 14 January 2022.

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