The DigiAdvance project aims to address digital skills gaps in the SME sector through the provision of low-cost, demand-driven, tailored training in key digital technologies for SME owners, managers, and employees.


This exciting event will comprise a combination of talks, discussions, demonstrations, debates, panels, and workshops which will be facilitated by academic and industry experts.


DigiAdvance Accelerator Workshop


  • Empower business leaders to leverage digital technologies effectively
  • Provide valuable networking and mentoring opportunities for SME leaders
  • Foster innovation and informed decision-making through knowledge sharing



Alistair Croll, long time entrepreneur, author, and public speaker who focuses on a variety of topics ranging from web performance to big data, cloud computing, and startups.


Eric Weaver, CEO of Transparent Path, which brings together IoT, Blockchain, and AI to reduce risk, loss, and waste in food supply chains.


Kathy Taylor, Dean of Collins College of Business at the University of Tulsa.


Bobby Healy, Founder of Manna Drone Delivery, which aims to make fast suburban deliveries affordable, green, and safe.

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