• Digital Arts Research Residency
September 19, 2022

Artists working in Digital Arts based in Ireland and France are invited to apply to the Digital Arts Residency Programme. Deadline: 14 October 2022.


Digital Arts Research Residency


This digital arts research residency aims to provide artists working in digital arts with the time and space to interrogate access to public space through artistic/digital means. What does it mean to create Digital Artworks in the Public Space in the current climate of societal change?

Artistic-technical interventions in the public space shall invite the spectator to engage with the social aspects of the respective space. Questions that can be addressed during the Research Residency can be but are not limited to the following:


  • What is perceived as usable? What are the environmental impacts?
  • Where do we perceive borders of public and private?
  • Who draws these borders?
  • Where do we find non-places?
  • How do we move within the space?
  • In a post-COVID-19 context, which kind of conversation can we trigger between cities, artists, and audiences?


This call for submissions is addressed to Artists living and working in Ireland or France who, preferably have experience with projects in Digital Arts and in public space––in the form of installations, performances, temporary interventions or participatory projects.


Further information and apply here


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