• Digital Innovation Programme

The Department of Rural and Community Development’s Digital Innovation Programme is designed to encourage local authority led projects that support digital development.

The programme funds Local Authority-led innovation projects that provide a public benefit and support regional digital development

These projects promote, support, or otherwise advance at least one of the seven pillars of digital maturity:

  1. Digital Skills
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  4. Digital Economy & Employment
  5. Digital Services
  6. Community & Culture
  7. Digital Transition

Projects provide innovative digital solutions to issues, or identify solutions to digital issues. They are scalable and replicable by other local authorities.

There are two main application streams this year:

I. Innovation

Projects under innovation include trialing of new technologies or innovative uses of existing technologies.

The maximum award under this stream is €75,000

II. Scaling-up

These projects will scale-up an already proven technology or initiative. For example, a project that has only been trialled at a municipal level in Ireland could be scaled-up to county level, or county level to national level.

Alternatively, a project that sought to benefit a particular cohort within society or address a specific challenge could be broadened to include additional cohorts / challenges.

The maximum award under this stream is €200,000.

Details on each project can be found at Projects Funded Under the Digital Innovation Programme

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