• Dublin Ranked Third in Tech Cities of the Future

Dublin has been rated as the third top tech city in Europe, according to the latest Tech Cities of the Future report.


The list was compiled from data collected, analysed and ranked for 76 cities across 31 European countries under five categories: Cost Effectiveness, Economic Potential, FDI Performance, Innovation & Attractiveness and Start-Up Environment.


Dublin Ranked Third in Tech Cities of the Future


Dublin ranked third in the Economic Potential category, with Ireland excelling in various country-level data points, including the 2021 Index of Economic Freedom.


Dublin’s strengths were also seen in the FDI Performance category, with more than 6500 outward FDI jobs created by start-up companies between 2016 and 2020, which was second highest of all European cities ranked after London.


Dublin continues to be a thriving hotspot in the start-up space, thanks in part to Enterprise Ireland, which doubled the funding provided against 2019, investing $56.5m in 2020 across 125 new start-ups.


Furthermore, larger companies have also announced FDI projects into the Irish capital. These include Mastercard, which launched a new campus in Dublin, creating 1500 jobs, and Microsoft, which announced plans to create a $31m engineering hub in the Irish capital, creating 200 jobs.


Cork made the top 10 for economic potential.

Tech Cities of the Future

Source: www.fdiintelligence.com/

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