• ESB Creative Tech Fest 2020

ESB Creative Tech Fest will celebrate the work of young people educators who have participated in their local TechSpace – showcasing any digital creativity, engineered inventions and scientific inspirations to inspire future generations!

This event, which takes place on 28th of October 2020, is a national celebration for young people aged 12 – 18 to engage in educational and inspirational technology workshops. Exhibit and demo their own creations and meet other like minded young TechSpacers from all counties across Ireland.

ESB Creative Tech Fest 2020


Submit any Creative Tech Projects you are working on for ESB Creative Tech Fest 2020! Start to get in touch with your local youth club, school or speak to your parent to see if they would like to participate in the TechSpace Network. Contact their team for more information and support on submitting awards and registering your interest to take part in our annual celebration event 2020!

  • You’ll need an adult to sign a model release form.
  • Refer to your local TechSpace Educator for guidance on how to enter or contact Techspace if you’re not sure or if you have an idea.
  • Award Categories Are Now Officially Live for TechSpace Network Members and Young Creators.

More on The TechSpace Network

Check out your local school, youth project or youth club to see if they have a Certified TechSpace Educator.

A local TechSpace will typically have film-making, animation, soldering, robotics, electronics, mobile journalism, audio production, coding, graphic design, 3D printing and more. TechSpace projects focus on exploring 21st-century skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

To find out more, click here.

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