When and where will the next Tech Careers Expo take place?

Tech Careers Expo will take place online on 15th July, 2021, at Virtual Recruitment Ireland.

What should I bring to Tech Careers Expo?

Make sure to bring a stack of CVs to hand out and/or business cards with your name, email and phone number. You can never have too many to give away.

Bring any references you have from current or previous employers with you. References are always key to landing a job, and great references may convince an employer to choose you over another candidate.

Write down questions in advance for employers, ask about the roles they are looking to fill, what the duties and responsibilities of the role are.

Bring a notebook and write down information about the companies you meet and any contact information.

Is there a fee to attend Tech Careers Expo?

Tech Careers Expo offers Free Admission to those who pre-register.

How is the Tech Careers Expo promoted?

Each Tech Careers Expo event is advertised in the national press, on national and local radio, online, through our social media outlets and an expansive public relations campaign.

Who exhibits at the event?

A diverse range of tech companies from both Ireland and abroad recruit at the event.

Why exhibit at Tech Careers Expo?

Employees are the engine of any company. Finding staff with talent, energy and innovative thinking is necessary, but it can be a time-consuming and costly business. Between advertising open positions and interviewing applicants, recruiting staff is a full-time job in itself. Tech Careers Expo brings together companies and quality candidates under one roof and streamlines the process.

Why attend Tech Careers Expo?

Tech Careers Expo is an excellent opportunity to meet employers, make great industry connections and attend innovative seminars.

The event establishes a more informal setting, where you can talk to employers in a relaxed environment. In addition to meeting employers, there are industry talks from career professionals taking place throughout the day.