• IVI & FinTech Corridor Webinar

Maynooth University IVI (Innovation Value Institute) is collaborating with The FinTech Corridor to gather experts to present and discuss the future of digital payments in a webinar ‘IVI & the FinTech Corridor Webinar: The Future of Digital Payments – Trust, Compliance and Innovation’.

The event takes place on Thursday 14 October 2021 from 15.00-16.30.


Stimulated by the circumstances surrounding the recent pandemic, innovative digital payment systems have been embraced at an accelerated rate due to their ability to empower customers and companies alike. However, the sustainability of these systems will be keenly influenced by consumer perception of trustworthiness. Incorporated within that is the ease with which digital payment providers can comply to those standards which are so crucial to their clients. And while the digital payments have flourished and evolved in recent years, there is always potential for further innovation and friction reduction. In this webinar, our panel will each present their own unique perspective on these areas, after which they will join to discuss the potential opportunities and pitfalls that lie ahead on the path to the future of digital payments.


IVI & FinTech Corridor Webinar


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Liam Murphy


Liam is Managing Director, EMEA, of Wachsman, a global communications strategy firm focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Prior to joining Wachsman, he served as a Policy Adviser to the British Cabinet Office, and as a Communications Adviser to the Director of Strategy and Corporate Communication at the European Commission.


Paddy Beagan


Paddy Beagan is the VP of Sales (EMEA) for Vesta Corporation. He has been involved in the fintech, payment & fraud space for nearly 15 years. He leads sales, business development and strategic partnerships for Vesta`s operations in Europe, Middle East & Africa. For more than 25 years, Vesta provide digital payment, fraud and customer identity solutions that help merchants enhance payment approvals and optimise customer experiences without the fear or cost of fraud. Some of Vesta`s global customers include AT&T, Western Union, Vodafone, Bukalapak, Telcel, Incomm, InDriver, BT, Topps Digital. Vesta also has partnerships with Fiserv, Credibanco & Verifone.

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