• Navigate U.S. EdTech
January 3, 2023

Navigate U.S. EdTech is an exclusive seminar for companies that seek to navigate U.S. EdTech and Education. The event takes place on Wed, February 8, 2023, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM at Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace Pearse Street D02 H308 Dublin 2.


You are invited to learn what’s trending, where the opportunities exist, and how to successfully scale in one of the world’s most compelling education landscapes.


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Navigate U.S. EdTech


The U.S. Education market isn’t just big, it’s complex. It’s highly nuanced and requires on-the-ground experience to genuinely understand not simply where to show up, but how.


This seminar will look at the entirety of the U.S. market, from how it’s structured to how decisions are made.


Attendees will leave with a keen understanding of the personas, problems, and untapped potential that this market represents for providers from around the world.

Attendees will also leave with specific ideas and ready to-use tools that build capacity in marketing and sales. We’ll help some take their first step into the U.S. and others make a huge leap in sales and marketing capacity.


Trinity College Dublin is committed to providing a transformative learning environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship at all levels across the university. As a result, the university has established Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace housed in a world-class facility, co-located within an expanded School of Business. Tangent is a collaborative environment for all people who are open to new possibilities.


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