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Last week, as part of Budget 2020, the Government announced plans to increase funding to Skillnet Ireland. Skillnet are responsible for the promotion and facilitation of workforce learning.

This comes as great news for the tech agency. Furthermore, they will see an increase from 28pc to €35.9m for next year. In addition, industry contributions will see the agency exceed a forecasted €60 in funding.

The Department of Education and Skills has assured support for Irish companies in upskilling and advancing their employees. The investment will help the business sector in Ireland to adapt to the evolving work environment and technology.

The funding will specifically be used to propel productivity businesses in Ireland and to prepare workers for digital transformation. These are both recognsied as intrinsic factors in maintaining national competitiveness, according to Skillnet.

Particular areas that have been highlighted include boosting SME productivity, cultivating digital skills and addressing technology gaps.


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