• Coding Challenge

Is coding the career for you? The Code Institute are hosting this free 5 Day Coding Challenge, which will help you land your dream job!

About this Coding Challenge

The 5 Day Challenge allows you to understand coding from both a theoretical and practical point of view. We do this through covering the three pillars of modern front end software development – HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

World-Class LMS
Over the five days, you will receive online access to Code Institute’s world-class Learning Management System (LMS). The course content is structured around the concept of microlearning.

One Hour a Day
Each day you’ll be given a new coding challenge to complete with supporting videos and detailed notes to aid you. You will need to set aside roughly 60 minutes per day (Evenings and Weekend if preferred) to complete each challenge.

Next Steps
On completion of all challenges, you’ll learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. More importantly – you’ll find out if becoming a software developer is the next step for you.

Student Feedback

“The coding challenge has been amazing and largely mind engaging. For a beginner, like me, it has sparked off a fresh desire for a career change to software development, especially during these uncertain days of COVID-19. The experience has been worthwhile, with clear and straight forward explanations and instructions, discovering the languages{HTML, CSS, JS}, styles, elements, errors, etc, the help from an engaging community and the satisfaction of viewing. The recipe web page is exhilarating. It was magnetic as I kept being drawn back to coding(as funny as this may sound, I literally spent at least 5 hours daily). Coding is interesting and engaging, it’s the language of the future. Thank you so much for the opportunity. For me, this was my first project. Yayyy!!” – John Patrick

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