• Skills Technology Companies Are Looking for in 2019

We’ve assembled a list of the top skills that technology companies are looking for in 2019, to help you make choices about your careers.

  1. Java Software Engineers, particularly those with experience with Spring Boot Based Microservices.
  2. Scala engineers are very hard to find. The market in Dublin for Scala is small and many companies consider developers from a Java background to fill the skills shortage since Scala and Java and are from the JVM family.
  3. Software architects skilled in microservices migration from legacy monoliths. Also, Software Architects with skills in the cloud side of development are always in high demand as numerous companies move away from physical hardware.
  4. Python developers, especially within an Ops perspective, particularly with Flask and Django backgrounds.
  5. DevOps/SRE engineers are crucial to any team. These roles encompass development coupled with maintaining complex patterns, sometimes with on-call responsibilities.
  6. C# .Net developers, especially those with exposure to cloud technologies like Azure and experience with microservices
  7. Data Analytics, Data Engineers, BI and Data warehouse skillset. AI and Machine Learning engineers or ML and NLP experience are in high demand
  8. Ruby on Rails developers are very scarce indeed. Many companies now like to hire developers from other languages to convert over to Ruby, usually from a JVM or Python background.

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