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May 9, 2022

The TechFéile event at Ionad Óige na hÉireann in County Meath took place from 7 – 28 April 2022. TechFéile is an annual entertainment and educational event for young people aged 12–18 who attend Irish-medium schools and youth clubs, and who participate in the annual TechSpace programme with Kinia.




This year’s TechFéile had an excellent Programme of Events, including Comórtas Róbat TechFéile, and Mo Cheantar Fíorúil.


The fifth year of TechFéile was broadcast live from Ionad Óige na hÉireann this year. All participating schools were invited in January to develop creative technology projects as part of the TechFéile event. This year, schools and youth organisations were provided with robot equipment and challenged to design and prepare a robot for a regional and national competition. The robots competed in three distinct stages: an hour-long race on a racing track, an event where you had to move objects in an arena and also fight within an arena.


The young people also created a ‘Virtual Youth Area.’ This gave young people the opportunity to showcase their local area to the public and tell its story. The young people used new technology to record the stories of the Gaeltacht community through the eyes of the young people, including a 360 Camera. People all over the world will have the opportunity to stand in a local area and hear the young people talk about their surroundings.


An awards ceremony was held on 28 April to showcase all the technology projects developed and to recognise the young people who took part in the event. The young people presented the ceremony – there was also a lot of great talent on display, from youth bands to solo musicians from Irish-medium schools and clubs across the country. This ceremony was broadcast live online.


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