• What is Cryptojacking?
July 31, 2023

Cryptojacking is cybersecurity risk that could be draining resources from your computer or phone right now. Here we explore What is Cryptojacking and look at how to protect your devices from this sneaky form of cryptocurrency mining.


What is Cryptojacking?


Cryptojacking involves hackers secretly using your device’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency. They install malware that runs intensive mining activities without your permission, slowing your system and eating up battery life.


How Does it Happen?


The cryptojacking malware typically gets in by exploiting vulnerabilities in networks, software or websites you visit. Phishing scams, infected downloads and compromised ad networks are common infection points. Once inside, it hijacks processor capacity for stealth cryptomining.


Should I Be Worried in Ireland?


While cryptojacking has declined since its 2017-18 peak, the risk remains. As long as cryptocurrency is valuable on the dark web, hackers have incentive to develop ever-craftier ways to tap the computing power of unsuspecting internet users and devices.


What are the Signs of Infection?


Unusually slow device performance, hot laptops or quickly draining phone batteries can indicate a cryptojacking infection. Check what processes are using the most resources – unknown programs hogging CPU could point to mining malware.


How Can I Protect My Devices?


Keep all software updated with the latest security patches

Use reputable antivirus and anti-malware tools

Avoid downloading random or cracked software

Practice caution with email attachments and web links

Use ad-blocking and anti-mining browser extensions

Monitor network traffic and CPU usage for anomalies


With vigilance and good security hygiene, you can avoid supporting hackers with your computer’s processing power. Keep your devices running optimally for you rather than cryptominers with larceny on their minds!


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