• What is Sustainable Computing?
November 28, 2023

What is Sustainable Computing? Sustainable computing refers to the design, production, use and disposal of computing devices and infrastructure in an environmentally and socially responsible way that enables economic development while preserving the earth’s natural resources.


What is Sustainable Computing?


Key aspects include:


Energy-efficient hardware and software aimed at reducing carbon footprints

Renewable energy to power data centers and cloud infrastructure

Responsible e-waste disposal and recycling programs to prevent toxic waste

Greener manufacturing methods and sustainable materials sourcing

Prolonging lifespan of devices through repair, resale, upgrades

Reusing and refurbishing old equipment

Smart power management features that conserve energy

Algorithmic and hardware optimizations to minimize energy needs

The goal is to develop innovative ways for computing technology, systems and services to satisfy society’s requirements without depleting non-renewable resources or harming environmental, social and economic sustainability. It’s a continuous process requiring coordination across multiple disciplines and stakeholders globally.



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